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BASHA MAMA ice 60 ml

 BASHA MAMA ice 60 ml
 BASHA MAMA ice 60 ml
 BASHA MAMA ice 60 ml
 BASHA MAMA ice 60 ml
 BASHA MAMA ice 60 ml
 BASHA MAMA ice 60 ml
BASHA MAMA ice 60 ml
  • Stock: 45
  • Brand: PACHA MAMA
  • Reward Points: 80
  • Model: Flavor
Products Sold: 7
Product Views: 2242
S.R 85
Ex Tax: S.R 85
Price in reward points: 2000

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This juice takes amazing to a whole new level. The mouth watering flavors of honeydew, sweet berry and tangy kiwi all rolled into a smooth vape that leaves you with a fresh hit of mint

Size : 60 ML

Nicotine : 3 MG

VG 70/ PG 30

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