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affiliate system Terms

 Affiliate  system

The affiliate system is a free system and members of the system can profit from revenue and income appropriate to place a link or several links in their positions as an advertisement for ishop5 or a description of the products and any sales

These links are calculated directly and automatically in your affiliate system

Terms and Conditions: -

The current virtual affiliate in our store is only 5% for every purchase made during your custom links 

The affiliate amount is automatically calculated once the purchase is completed

You can access your account in the affiliate system and modify your personal data and passwords and know your balance in the affiliate system from here

No affiliate is calculated if the purchase is made without the affiliate link assigned to you

The minimum amount for withdrawing affiliate amounts is SR 200. The amount of the affiliate can not be withdrawn if the amount is less than the minimum

You can request to transfer the amount of the affiliate once you reach the minimum of 200 riyals on your bank account or to benefit from the affiliate amount to buy from the products of the store

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